Thursday, December 7, 2017

BSO's Creative Writer's

This blog will be dedicated to showcasing the talents of Branson's very own creative writers. So far, our anthology includes poetry, children's stories, short stories, and novellas. In the posts below, you will find examples of each.

If you would like to make a submission, please send an email to The subject line needs to be "BSO Anthology Submission." In the body of the email, tell me the title, what it is (poem, short story, etc.), and a brief synopsis (summary). If it is a poem, tell me the type of poem instead of the synopsis. Then, please attach the work as a google doc that allows edit access.


Eclipse by Jason Wheeler

Erik by Jason Wheeler

I Have A Dream, Too by Jason Wheeler

Joy by Jason Wheeler

The Seasons by Valerie Goodland

Winter by Abby Bossert

Children's Stories

The following links will take you to the children's stories. Each story will give you a title, author, and brief synopsis followed by the link.

Short Stories

The following links will take you to short stories.

Amber's Furever Home by Sadiqah Al-Masyabi
One sweet cat relives her journey of trials and triumphs as she finds her home.

Facing Fear in Hurricane Maria by Sadiqah Al-Masyabi
A young girl caught in the terrors of Hurricane Maria fights to survive and rebuild.

Savannah Journey by Jason Wheeler

The Eagle Patrol Special Halloween Edition by Jason Wheeler
The Eagle Patrol are Eagle Scouts that have magical powers and they use them to save the world. One night, Halloween decorations are coming to life and their goal is to attach the main Eagle Patrol. Can the scouts of Troop 138 stop the decorations from killing the leader?

The Money Tree by Sadiqah Al-Masyabi


The following links will take you novellas.

Into The Woods by Caitlin Adams
Viewer Discretion: Some violence
Ya know, when most people go hiking the worst thing that'll happen is they'll twist an ankle, maybe break a leg. What happens to my partner and I when we go hiking? We stumble onto a dead body, put there by rival gang members, then we get chased off the mountain while being shot at by said gang members. how is this my life? Oh yea, I agreed to it when I accepted the request of a crazy person to be her partner in fighting crime.

Iris and Grace by Sadiqah Al-Masyabi
A coming of age tale that explores grief and the wonder of friendship.

The Captured by Jason Wheeler
Viewer Discretion: Some violence
The president is in town for the Colorado Spring Parade, but as the parade goes on, the even goes sour. The President along with other government officials are captured and taken out of country. Can General Washington's Army find all eight people before it is too late?